I am currently a PhD candidate in Astronomy at the University of Arizona, working with Professor Dan Stark. My research is focused on using observations in the local universe to understand the lives of stars and galaxies with far fewer heavy elements than our Sun. Though rare locally, these nearby low-metallicity objects are our best opportunity to study in-detail the processes which likely took place in the first generations of galaxies, of which we are about to be afforded an unprecedented glimpse with JWST. I use data from the far-infrared to X-rays (and especially, ultraviolet spectroscopy) of individual stars and entire galaxies next door to our own to test and calibrate models which will soon be used to interpret observations of these extremely distant, early systems.

You can find a list of my publications at ADS.

When I’m not in front of a computer or a book, I can often be found hiking or climbing in the Santa Catalina mountains near Tucson with my dog, Paisley 🐾